Future companies and institutions

The first three companies I plan to establish are a travel agency, a consultancy and an IT company specialized in web design. The idea is to found them all at the same time, because they have the most potential to secure an immediate and constant influx of available funds. Needless to say, this money will be essential for us to survive long enough to demonstrate to the public that we are serious in our intentions.
Croatia is known for its well-preserved environment, beautiful beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Though tourism has been growing for years in Croatia, it has a long way to go before fulfilling its true potential. Having in mind the recent trends in the world of travel (just to mention the rising interest in adventure, culture and health tourism), I see a lot of possibilities for Croatia in this area, and a way for our travel agency to seize some of these opportunities. Having been involved in different extreme and adventure sports for the last twenty years, having been surrounded my entire life by people who work in the healthcare industry and being a history teacher, I speak with some authority when I say that Croatia has excellent potential in adventure, health and culture tourism.
There are two main reasons why I want to open a consultancy. The first one is the availability of the European Union funds for Croatia. Having specialized in European affairs, I know that Croatia can use the opportunities presented by the European Union much better than it has been the case so far. This is especially true when it comes to EU funds. Having this in mind, I would like to assemble a team of people who will be able to provide professional help to anyone in Croatia interested in the opportunities that EU funding has to offer. At the same time, our consultancy will provide foreign investors with any type of help they may need when planning to do business in Croatia.
If everything goes according to plan, I hope that we will soon begin to realize the second objective of the consultancy, which is one of the major ideas of the project. Namely, over the years Croatia has seen a number of political parties rise to power, but I have never seen any of their members make a serious in-depth analysis of Croatia’s strengths and weaknesses or a credible long-term strategic plan for sustainable growth. In this sense, I hope that, with time, the people employed in our consultancy will get an excellent overview of the state of affairs in all parts of Croatia.This detailed analysis will enable us to compare Croatia with countries that are global leaders in a number of different domains, to detect any possible room for improvement and to develop feasible plans in order to seize all the opportunities that Croatia has to offer. These plans will be worked out to the smallest detail. The consultancy is thus envisioned to evolve into a combination of a consultancy and a think-tank whose experts will eventually develop a comprehensive plan of reforms as well as actions and measures to be undertaken to improve the general wellbeing of society. If an opportunity arises, I expect some of those experts to be willing and able to put all these measures into practice. More details will be provided in the future, but this should be enough for a reader to understand why consultancy is a central part of the project. This second mission of the consultancy has to be seen as an opportunity for project participants to form a political party with other, likeminded people in ten-fifteen years’ time. The fact is that I, as an average voter, expect political parties to thoroughly prepare themselves before seizing power. However, as far as I can recall, nothing similar has ever been done in my country before. The outcome is visible – without any serious overview of the economy, the government cannot govern in an optimal way. Unfortunately, my countrymen know this all too well from their own experience. In this context, I want to introduce sorely needed changes in the way political parties on the Croatian political scene prepare themselves for administering the country. If members of this project ever get an opportunity to play an active role in the political life of Croatia, this will have to be grounded in thorough preparation and hands-on management experience.
Finally, the IT company specialized in web design does not require a detailed explanation. The fact is that the other companies I plan to establish will require the services of web designers. Since this is the case, my idea is to profit from in-house experience and to offer these and other IT services to anyone who needs them. The idea behind this company is to create experts in the IT sector and to explore the burgeoning possibilities in one of the main business sectors of the future. By paying for our IT services, as well as all for all our other products and services, customers will be supporting the project. I am simply counting on the possibility that anyone who likes the project will want to support it by buying our products and services. If that happens to be the case, I am absolutely confident that this project will not only survive but thrive as well.
If these three companies start bringing in the necessary financial means, the following two institutions I plan to establish are going to be a language school that is going to be oriented towards the unemployed and a consultancy specializing in human resource management. While on the one hand I want to promote education and offer unemployed individuals a chance to increase their competitiveness in the labor market, on the other I want to provide something that is missing in Croatia. Though this is just a germ of an idea, if it proves to be successful, I hope that, with the passage of time, what I have in mind can grow into a Croatian database of human resources. As far as I know this is lacking today. Given that any major serious investor could profit from this information, I believe that my country should develop a detailed database on a national level.
Moreover, I see opportunities for establishing other enterprises in the sphere of agriculture, health industry (nursing homes), IT industry and so forth. Anyone who has ever seen a map of my country knows that we are endowed with a very good potential for agriculture. In spite of the fact that we could feed a population twice the size of our own, we import food. All the previous governments and the current one have not done a great deal to investigate why this is the case, and to remedy the situation. By establishing a company in this sector of the economy, I hope we will be able to identify the existing problems and to develop solutions necessary to improve the situation in the sector. As far as the nursing homes are concerned, I believe that Croatia’s potential in this area has grown considerably after becoming a member of the EU, and I hope that we can profit from that fact.
I have many other ideas for promising business enterprises in my country, but I will mention them in due course, if my plan starts to evolve as envisioned.
The same goes for institutions oriented towards the unemployed and other institutions I have in mind. Though a number of institutions that provide some of the services I plan to offer already exist, the idea here is to gather them all under one roof. Of course, wherever possible we will refrain from covering issues that have already been successfully addressed by others. Moreover, we will collaborate with the existing institutions that prove willing to join forces and efforts. The overarching plan is to nurture a proactive, goal-oriented mentality, to instigate a positive change, to upset the status quo in society and to prompt collaboration between domains and players that have yet to join forces. In my opinion, the economic and social state of affairs in Croatia could be significantly improved and without too much invested effort, but the politicians in charge have been doing nothing for years to instigate collaboration between different players. As a result, the country has been stagnating all this time. This project aims to change the situation as much as possible.
The type of knowledge that will be used in the course of realizing the aims of the project is plainly visible throughout my book. Some chapters in the book demonstrate that I am ready to learn from anyone in the world who can teach me something valuable. I will expect the same attitude from the people employed in any of our institutions and companies.