Project description

The idea is to form a number of companies and institutions in areas in which Croatia has either comparative advantages or in which I would like to see them develop. My hope is that in the next ten to fifteen years a number of socially responsible experts will emerge from these establishments, experts with the potential of becoming leaders, willing and able to steer the country towards a better future. I expect from our work environment to become a place for acquiring hands-on expertise in various domains and a meeting place for likeminded individuals.
I believe that if the first few of our companies survive long enough for us to demonstrate that we are very serious in our intentions, we could raise the financial resources required to establish other companies and institutions that form a vital part of our plan. I am confident that with time we could attract the best and brightest employees in the country and offer them a challenging and rewarding work environment in which their potential would be recognized, rewarded and given ample opportunity to flourish. The goal is to create a stimulating environment in which they will be able to gain world-class expertise in chosen fields of activity and in which they will be allowed to make a difference. On the one hand, I hope that our management policies and the way we intend to do business will be able to offer a viable alternative to many young highly motivated and educated individuals who are seriously considering the idea of permanently leaving the country. I also hope that, in the long run, they will enable us to form a pool of experts and potential future leaders. On the other hand, I believe that our approach to business could motivate a number of privately and publicly owned companies in Croatia to adopt some of our good practices. I am positive that it is in this way we could accelerate the long awaited eradication of various detrimental business practices in the country.
Moreover, I believe that our establishments will eventually gain recognition and success as gathering platforms for people who share the same worldviews when it comes to working for the public good. If that happens, the project could be ultimately transformed into a political platform whose objective would be to introduce the much-needed changes on the political scene in the country. In this context, I believe that the efforts of those who decide to take part in the project will eventually force the main political parties to change their reprehensible human resource practices as well as their general behaviour. Given their current perception in the public eye, I am deeply confident that those political parties that currently dominate the political landscape will simply perish if they refuse to revise and change their morally bankrupt practices when serious new competition emerges on the political scene. In this respect, the ultimate goal of the project is to increase the scope and the aim of political debate as well as the quality of political competition. However, I must emphasize that the formation of a new political party is planned as one of the last stages of this project. As such, it might not appear on our agenda for at least another ten years, provided that in that time our companies and institutions gain success while doing business in a socially responsible manner.
The plan briefly presented above is the only method that came to my mind when I thought about the best way to start transforming the negative trends in my country. It is the only idea I could come up with that offers an opportunity for the people I hope to gather around me to influence the state of affairs on a large scale. Of course, the underlying objective of the project is that other people follow suit, employ their skills and abilities for the wellbeing of their country and contribute to it in their own way. I believe that once this starts happening, it will considerably accelerate the process of changing economic and social trends.
The project has been devised in such a way that those interested in it will be able to follow its execution in detail. The idea is to gather intelligent, industrious and driven people who are willing to join forces, learn, grow and work together in order to change their society for the better. In this project the emphasis is going to be on creativity, innovation, hard work, passion to get things done and social responsibility. I expect that those who find themselves interested in the project are going to be likeminded people from all corners of the world as well as anyone interested in business, politics, psychology, philosophy and other scientific fields whose concepts and teachings we will lean on heavily.
If the project unfolds according to my expectations, it could cover an array of different subjects, and offer new insights and fresh perspectives. It could offer an exciting experience that could be beneficial for many people, regardless of their country of origin and their main field of interest. If the latter comes true, general information about the project is going to be regularly provided on the project’s website and made available through social media so that anyone interested in the project can easily follow its development. Furthermore, every three years, I intend to provide a more detailed, written account of the project’s status. My plan is to write a book within that three-year period to show where we stand with respect to the stages of the project and to explain in detail all the steps that will have been undertaken in the meantime. In this way one is going to be able to follow the project and learn something that could be applied in different cultural settings. The idea behind these regular updates is to provide inspiration for anyone anywhere who is dissatisfied with his or her environment to take action in order to change their lives for the better. In the end, that was the reasoning behind my decision to internationalize the project, and for me the best way to do as much as possible to improve the state of affairs on a large scale.
Many of those who read this short overview of the project and my mission statement are probably going to think that I am a dreamer. Yes, I am a dreamer, and I am not afraid to admit that. It is true that I dream big. However, my vision is grounded in reality, and based on the knowledge and experience I have acquired so far.
What follows is a brief presentation of the reasons why I believe that I have to do something about the current state of affairs in my country and in the world. It is also an introduction into the general structure of the project and the book I wrote. The book was imagined to serve as a theoretical foundation of the project and a way to raise the initial funds to launch companies and institutions I have planned. Before you begin reading the whole book or some of its chapters, it is highly advisable to read the introduction first in order to better understand the relatively unusual structure and content of the book.